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Movement Coordinator


Jack is skilled in facilitating 'adult-led play' with large groups of children, using a trauma-informed approach.


He is passionate about providing children with an opportunity to engage in physical activity and gross motor movement and believes this is a valuable opportunity to teach skills such as self-awareness and regulation.


Jack understands the impact that trauma can have on children's regulatory function, therefore he deliberately incorporates regular breaks and regulatory activity to support children to successfully engage.


Jack believes that play is a fundamental way for children and adults to connect with each other, particularly within the OSHC environment. When we play, we experience joy, which ultimately promotes connection.


Jack’s work is strongly influenced by Dr Dan Hughes, particularly the PACE Model, which stands for Playfulness, Acceptance, Curiosity and Empathy. He believes that, using a playful attitude, we can diffuse a potentially difficult situation. Essentially, playfulness is using an open, calm, positive and engaged attitude. It is about creating an atmosphere of lightness when we communicate with children.


Jack is passionate about supporting children using a trauma-informed approach and is currently completing a Bachelor of Primary Education (Honours).

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