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Child Development Practitioner 


Jess holds a Bachelor of Education (Primary) and Science from Flinders University. She has spent the last 10 years supporting and teaching a diverse range of wonderful children who have experienced developmental trauma.  These roles include supporting a weekend respite and life skill program for children in out of home care, as well as delivering a play based after school life skill program in community centres. 


Jess values a strength based and relational approach in all her work with children and peers. Her work is influenced by Circle of Security and neuroscience literature, including the work of Dan Siegel and Bruce Perry. 


As an educator, Jess strongly values and encourages play and curiosity. She believes that play develops cognitive and emotional strengths as well as connecting children to others and the world around them. 


Jess places high value on the importance of community in the lives of children, and believes ELC and OSHC services, and the dedicated educators within them, can provide a fantastic safe haven to build confidence and a sense of belonging. 


When Jess is not at work she loves spending time exploring outside with her family including two fun and busy little boys.

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