'How Do You Feel When...?' is an emotional literacy activity that will prompt children to explore their own feelings, as well as those of others'.


Emotional literacy is the ability to name, understand and express our own emotions, as well as recognise, relate and appreciate someone else’s emotions and feelings. It is an important skill that helps support children in building connected relationships, developing regulation skills and boosting confidence.


This card set contains 50 scenarios that start with ‘How do you feel when…?” Some are based on 'real life' (relatable) situations, whilst others are just a little bit silly (keeping this game fun and playful!) These scenarios are used to prompt children to discuss their feelings in response, as well provide opportunity for others to spend time listening, relating and comparing their feelings about each scenario.


These cards can be used as a whole class activity or within small groups. The more children are able to practice this specific set of skills, the better they become at understanding themselves and others!


These cards were designed and printed in Australia and each set will come in a calico bag so they can be easily accessed.

'How Do You Feel When…?' Cards (Set of 50)