Being mindful can increase wellbeing, create a deeper sense of self-awareness and can equip us with the regulation skills to manage stress.


But, this isn't a skill we are born with! It's something we need to practice.


This set of 27 beautifully illustrated cards includes breathing, movement and grounding  activities that can help to connect our brains and bodies.


These fun activities only take a moment so they can be incorporated regularly into every day.


Weave mindful moments throughout the day including:

  • At the beginning of the day - to set up for success
  • As a cool down activity within a calm corner
  • As a whole group exercise
  • Before a demanding  activity (e.g. a test)
  • At learning stations
  • As a brain break
  • To individually support and mentor
  • After busy activities (e.g. recess)

Mindful Moments Cards (Set of 27)