Routine Cards are a wonderful way of creating a clear visual cue which supports children to know what is coming next throughout the day. This creates a sense of predictability and consistency that contributes to establishing environments that promote ‘felt safety’. This is incredibly important as we know that children have a higher capacity to play and learn when they feel safe and know what to expect. When children know what to expect, they often have an easier time with transitions, routine tasks and feel more of a sense of control.


This beautiful set of routine cards were designed to help create a predictable rhythm within care environments. These cards were created in consultation with ECEC educators and include all the activities children engage in throughout a day! Hand drawn, designed and printed in Australia, our cards come in a calico bag so they can be easily accessed.


This pack of 33 cards includes:

· Info card

· Walk

· Pack up

· Gym

· Yoga

· Library

· Hat

· Playground

· Nature Play

· Oval

· Craft

· Sunscreen

· Story Time

· Fruit Time

· Lunch Time

· Screen Time

· Group Time

· Play Time

· Rest Time

· Shoes

· Home Time

· Homework

· Excursion

· Snack Time

· Toilet x 3

· Nappy

· Wash Hands x 3


Here are some handy hints for implementing a visual routine in your care environment:

· It’s important for the visual routine to be displayed in an easily accessible place for all children.

· Educators should regularly refer to the routine. For example, pointing to the pictures to prompt transitions. (‘We just had group time. What are we doing next? Oh that right, it’s snack time!’

· We don’t have to adhere to the routine strictly. Changes happen! However, it is important to make sure we explain any changes to the children with empathy and reassurance.

ECEC Routine Cards (Set of 33)