Not only does saying 'thank you' feel good, but researchers have found that being grateful (and expressing it to others) is good for our health and happiness. Being grateful is shown to make us more positive, more resilient and improve our relationships. People who regularly take time to notice and express the things they're grateful for, experience more positive emotions, express more kindness toward others ... and even sleep better!
Gratitude in the workplace
Thanking our colleagues is motivating and encouraging. Nurturing a positive workplace culture creates job satisfaction, builds trust and promotes employee engagement - which can result in better performance and less turnover.


This set of 14 cards (with envelopes) includes:

· thanks a bunch. x2

· I'm so grateful for you. x2

· you brighten my day. x2

· you're the best. x2

· you are sunshine x2

· you make me happy. x2

· thank you so much. x2

Thank You Cards (14 Pack)