Our Services

Professional Development

We provide tailored training and practical support, based on the needs of your service.


Throughout these sessions, trauma-informed principles are applied and modelled by the ‘Child Development Mentor’ whilst providing practical advice and support for Educators.


We can provide feedback on existing policies and procedures, including recommendations for trauma-informed considerations. We can also provide consultation on trauma-informed ‘Individual Student Support Plans’ to support children within the learning environment.

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Children's Yoga

We can visit your service to facilitate trauma-informed children’s group yoga classes. We can also provide recommendations and resources to support Educators to implement yoga and mindfulness activities into your daily routine.


Circle of Security

'Circle of Security is an 8-week program which supports caregivers to understand & support the emotional needs of their children, from the perspective of attachment theory. This program will support reflection on your own experiences & how this could influence your caregiving style, as well as how to interpret children’s behaviours from an attachment theory & relational lens.