About Us

Connect.Ed provides training, mentoring and consultation on trauma-informed education and care. 


As our name suggests, we promote a regulatory and relationship-based approach to supporting children's learning and development. This approach is different to a 'traditional' behaviour-management approach and, instead, focuses on supporting children to regulate their emotional experiences using their emotional connection with Educators.


Bruce Perry (2006) says that traumatised children 'need predictability, routine, a sense of control and stable relationships with supportive people' - and we couldn't agree more!


We integrate a variety of modalities and play-based approaches to ultimately support children to grow and thrive. We also translate the complex neuroscience of brain development and trauma into practical, hands on approaches you can use every day.


At Connect.Ed, we value connection above everything else. We are a multidisciplinary team of professionals which we believe is important for understanding and meeting the needs of the children we support. We value the different disciplines and the diverse perspectives each of our team members bring.


We welcome you to explore our upcoming professional development opportunities and free downloadable resources. 


Free Consultation

Please contact us to arrange a 1-hour Free Consultation where we can provide advice and support on trauma-informed practice, as well as guidance on funding streams that may be available to your service.

Our service worked with Connect.Ed on a project to upskill our staff around understanding trauma and working with children with challenging behaviours through a series of mentoring and training sessions on trauma-informed education and care. Throughout these sessions we covered topics, such as brain development and practical strategies for helping children to regulate their emotions. Kerra-Lee was a joy to work with, she seamlessly fit in with our staff group and was able to offer amazing insight while also being non-judgemental of the challenges we faced. Throughout the process we gained an understanding of brain development, the impact of developmental trauma, understanding children's behaviours, trauma-informed practices and we found our educator’s confidence increased. We have found professional development training in this area in the past inadequate to support our educators dealing with some highly complex trauma cases, yet Kerra-Lee’s training was hands on, practical and relevant. We would highly recommended Connect.Ed services to any other service as what we received from them was fantastic.

Susan Hodgins


Tyndale Christian School, Early Learning Centre, Murray Bridge